In case you didn't know it already, remodeling is a big undertaking and a big mess. It looks a lot worse (and a little scary) before it looks better. We thought you might like to see some pictures of reality now that you've (hopefully) looked a the glossy finished product. Here you'll find some before and after shots, some during shots, and some spaces that weren't professionally photographed, but are still pretty great. Enjoy!

Rental Remodel Before and After

A rental, not touched since its purchase in 1977 receives major overhaul. New kitchen, new paint, new floors, new windows, window treatments, and a whole new lease on life! (pun intended.)

60s duplex gets a makeover!

Not changes since the 60s, both kitchens were ready to go and be replaced by a fresh look. New floors and lighting, new cabinets and appliances. Ready for the next 50 years!

Spindrift Kitchen Before and After

This dream kitchen has become the hub for the family and entertaining.